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The KOS has secured the Captain for this years Lone Star Rally!
We have been asking for the last 3 years if we could get the Captain for the rally and every year it hasn't been available. Well, this year the gods have smiled down on us!
There will be room for a total of 10 couples to have a bed spot and once those are filled we will have room for 2 couples with air mattresses. *Bed spots will be $150 per couple for the entire weekend Dec. 12th-14th.
Just a single night at a hotel this year you are looking at $150-300+ and your suck all by yourself. At the Captain you can party all weekend with a whole krewe of like minded people!!!

( 1 Spot Open )

We will be offering 2 air mattress spots for $75 per couple, you must provide the air mattress!
( 2 AM Spots Open )

(same as Mardi Gras)

*Sleeping accommodations does not in all case mean a taditional bed....Some spots are queen beds, twin beds, futons, and hide-away beds....the spots are chosen by a draw Friday Night!


Air Mattress Spots will only be offered after all bed spots have been filled.

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