Camp Site Rates & Tube/Raft Rental

Camping & Visitor

Weekend Camping:
$50 Per Single & $100.00 Per Couple...Per Weekend
(This includes personal tube rental, one tube for your cooler (per every 4 people), and transportation to & from the river per person for the Saturday float only)
*You will pay when you arrive at the campgrounds. No need to prepay and no deposit is required!
Extra Days: $20 per person/per night
Rate For Those Not Camping:
We have finally reached an official policy for those not camping (staying at a hotel or off site cabin) for the weekend. Fri-Sun...$50 per person (same as everyone else) or Sat. only...$35 per person. With either option you will get tubes for the Saturday float and will not have to leave the party early like in years past. So this means everyone must check in at the office to pay and get you wrist bands!
Single Day Float Rate:
There is a $18 per person per day charge floating on days other than Saturday. The fee includes tube rental and transportation to the drop off location.

Tube & Raft

Raft/Canoe Rates:
25% off the regular rate! (TBA)
Rafts & canoes should be available in the fallowing sizes:
                2 Person Canoe
                3 Person Raft
                4 Person Raft
                6 Person Raft
              12 Person Raft
*If the river is running low, a 12 person raft would not be a good idea (It's a lot of weight once you get that many people and their ice cests aboard.) You don't want to have to be walking it across shallow areas or paddling through slower moving waters.
Tube Rate:
$18  For A Bottomless Tube
$18  For A Tube With A Bottom
(Definitely the way to go...if the river's low your butt will drag across the rocks...and that's no FUN!)
Mountain Breeze will transport you with your own tube or equipment for $15 per person. They will transport your own tube for the Saturday group float for FREE!

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