Swinger's Olympics

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9th Annual Swinger's Olympics!
The Swinger's Olympics will have a minimum of 4 sexually charged fun games that couples (or any twosome) can easily play.  

*The games are:

 “Pop It Like It's Hot”

(How well do you squeeze, tease, and please?)

 “Pump It Till It Pops”

(How's Your Handy Work?)

“Find The Hole”

(How good are you at getting it in?)

“Ring Around The Rod”

(Like cock rings?)


 “Suck It Till It's Dry”

(Can you suck start a Harley?)

*Games Subject To Change Before The Event

 We will start with as many couples who want to sign up and narrow the contestants down to the final 3 for the last game to get our Gold Medal Winners!

The games will begin Friday sometime in the late afternoon once everyone starts coming out of the river.

This is going to a blast!!!


1st Place - TBA

2nd Place - TBA

3rd Place - TBA


# Of Teams: 0
To sign up just send us your info in the box at the bottom of the page and we will add you to the list.

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