Ren Fest Camping



The KOS camping area can not be officially determined untill the day of the event. But, we are shooting for areas #7/#10 near the Y when come into the campground & across the road from the Bon Fire. Where ever we set it will be easy to find, the area will be marked with KOS banners and flags.
Also, you can park right up to the campsite in most cases...There shouldn't be any need to park far away.

In Areas #7/#10 Near The Y As You Come In...
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Rules of the Realm for Camping Guests


The far west side of the patron parking lot under beautiful trees. First come- first serve. No reservations required. No generator restrictions in main camping area. Follow signs and directions from peace officer on duty. Enter through North gate. (KOS area will be marked in Area #7 near the Y as you come in to the campground)

Camping Fees:

Any Vehicle Camp Pass - $30 per person & $50 extra if bringing an RV.

(Must have festival tickets to enter!)


Permanent & Porta-Potties are available. There is no electricity, but dump stations and water stations are available near the campground entrance. Please do not dump residue on our grounds.


Absolutely NO Ground Fires are allowed. All fires must be contained and off the ground. IE...BBQ Pits & fire pits. "Coleman type" lanterns and stoves are acceptable. Please do not store flammable objects in your camping area.




Please do not litter our grounds. You are responsible for removing your own trash. Please do not put garbage in Porta-Potties. Easy accessible trash dumps are available.


The grounds are patrolled regularly by police officers & private security.


The campground is open from 12:00PM on Thursday until 12:00PM on Monday.


2 - Covenient Stores to buy anything from Ice to toothbrushes.

WEAPONS: We do not allow concealed weapons on Festival grounds. Any swords, rapiers, edged or pointed, etc. that are worn as a part of your costume MUST BE SHEATHED AND PEACE TIED. You can secure them with leather straps or zip ties. No unsecured weapons will be allowed into the Festival site.

NEW AS OF 2013!


21 brand new shower stalls!

Located near the entrance near the Quickie Mart

Pay Per Use - $1 Per Minute (Must Purchase Tokens @ Store)

 (We will have a hot shower in camp for $10 per person for the entire weekend)

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