General Info
What are the dates for this year's TRF Conquest?
Thursday Oct. 20th to Sunday Oct. 23rd 2022.
What time can we arrive on Thursday?
We will be arriving as early as they will allow us in to start marking our area's boundaries. Officially the campground does not open till noon.
How much are gate tickets?
If you buy tickets on the Texas Renaissance Festival's website (No KOS discount gate ticket sales this year) they are around $35 per day. But, a lot of times there are some cheaper options if you buy them in advance. like online from Goupon, banks, and some stores like Sam's Club & Walgreen's.
How much does it cost to camp?
Around $30 Per Person and an extra $50 for a RV for the entire weekend if bought online from the TRF website. Remember, starting this year every person will need a camping pass and the RV camping fee DOES NOT include any camping passes. It's only for the RV itself.
Can you park by your tent or RV?
Yes, in most cases there shouldn't be a reason not to unless we are running out of room or your parked where we need to set up that party tents.
Why do we have to RSVP on the KOS website?
It helps us determine how much area we will need to accommodate everyone to camp. It's also a great way for people to connect before the trip!
Is there restrooms?
Yes, at the front entrance by the store there is what they call "flushies" (convectional toilets). But, there are lots of port-a-potties located all over the campground that are cleaned at least daily!
Are there showers?
Yes, there pay per minute showers near the campground's entrance. The cost for those are $1 per minute. But, we will have a large shower set up in our area with on-demand hot water for $10 per person with unlimited uses the whole event. Click Here To Get Shower Passes!
Is there a place at the campground to eat and buy stuff like ice?
Yes...The campground has a 2 stores that sale essentials and stuff like firewood & Ice. They also usually have a few food trucks onsite too.
What activities will there be on the trip?
We will of course have a party area set up for at least Fri & Sat nights with music and fun stuff like our KOS Naughty Jenga!
Is nudity allowed in the campground?
Offically is no...but that has never stopped people before. You don't see a lot of full nudity going on know...boobies do like to be free!
Can we have sex in the open?
No, not at this venue at all. I wouldn't chance it there are a lot of ON DUTY cops around.
Are single males allowed to attend?
Single males are allowed to attend this event and are allowed to camp with the group. If anyone gets out of line we have options for removal from within our area.
What times does everyone go into the festival and is there a meeting place?
Most people start to head into fair around 10AM-1PM. Not everyone goes in at the same time. There isn't an official meeting place inside of fair but there are 3 main locations where a lot of our folks frequent...The Sea Devil Tavern, The Polish Theater (Iris & Rose), and the Globe Theater (Dead Bob).
What time is the Pot Luck Dinner Saturday?
Once people start arriving back to camp they usually rest up a bit and start cooking. Normally everyone's finished cooking and ready to eat around 7-8PM.
Is there a list of what people will be bringing?
Yes, we have a page on this site where you and submit what your bringing and we list it on the site for you. Click Here to view that page.
Does anything happen on Sunday?
Your camping pass is good until Monday at noon so a few people will go back into fair on Sunday and even camp again Sunday night. But, most of us pack up and leave Sunday.

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